Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cancelled: Global Zombie Outbreak Watch

The trumped up global flu pandemic appears to NOT be a cover-up of an outbreak of the walking dead, but instead an international government conspiracy to cover up the fact that the Mexican government is incapable of providing or allowing even basic health care services and sanitary conditions within its borders.

The flu virus that has killed hundreds in Mexico's filthy cities -- where the Mexican government cannot even deliver clean water -- is a mild flu case in any first world country.

This should be a lesson to all those watching for an actual zombie outbreak -- if the outbreak starts in a nation like Mexico, the initial spread of the contagion and the mortality rate will be unchecked by the local government. They are clearly incapable of providing a meaningful health response to even a flu bug.

While the Global Zombie Outbreak Watch is cancelled, attention should still be paid to Mexico, China, and Hong Kong, where curious activities are still taking place.

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