Thursday, April 30, 2009

Declared: Global Zombie Outbreak Watch

I am declaring a Global Zombie Outbreak Watch. A Global Zombie Outbreak Watch means conditions are favorable for a zombie outbreak.

The reason for the declaration of a Global Zombie Outbreak Watch is the Swine Flu Pandemic Warning being issued by governments all over the world and the World Health Organization, along with my own observations.

Having traveled quite a bit in Latin America, I noticed something about the news there that has an impact on what I am beginning to believe is a Swine Flu cover story.

The Latin American news guys have no respect for privacy in a hospital. None. They walk in with cameras to show the sick and injured if there is a news story to it. I've witnessed this with my own eyes watching the news south of the (US) border.

I have yet to see Mexican footage of hospital wards teeming with people suffering from the flu. Mexican officials say thousands are ill and dozens have died from this flu -- but no footage.

This is fishy.

Governments operate in the following cycle:

Government objective
Create a false crisis
Induce a reaction from citizens and the media

They have created the false crisis with this Swine Flu warning (talk about reusing the old playbook – hello 1976).

They have induced a moderate reaction from citizens and a frenzied reaction from the media (but no photos of the Swine Flu stricken).

What is their objective? It is certainly to cover up something since they are not demanding people line up for vaccinations of one sort or another like they did in 1976.

What real health crisis are they covering up? Is there any health crisis at all, or is this a false flag operation to cover up the possibility that the Mexican government was about to fall?

I’m not sure yet, but they may be covering up a zombie outbreak. That’s why I am declaring the watch.

Stay alert -- stay alive.

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